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Winter is Coming

October 23, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

If you're a Game of Thrones fan, you totally read that title in a slow serious tone didn't you? But in all seriousness, winter is upon us and every year I hear families say that they want an outdoor session but are concerned about the cold.  I'm here to tell you, book those sessions and don't worry about the cold.  Don't worry about the cold and don't just resort to wearing those bulky frumpy coats.  I wanted to make a up a little blurb to show you that you and your family can dress warmly without freezing.  I'll also include the link to my pinterest so you can purchase any of these outfits if you see something that catches your eye.  So let's get started.  Here are my tips for looking great for those winter photo sessions.


1.  Layers are Key

This is probably the most important tip.  Under armor or long johns are great to wear under your outfits.  Just make sure you have sizes that fit snug enough that you won't have any bulging.  If you don't have these items or want to skip those, that's fine.  You can layer without them.  Men, classic flannel shirts or sweaters are great.  Look clean and nice for photos and you can wear another t-shirt or long sleeve shirt underneath adding that extra warmth.

Women have the option have wearing flannel as well, but there are also some really great sweater dresses I've been seeing lately.  Again, like the flannel, you could wear some thin layers underneath the dress if needed.  But then to cover your legs you could wear tights, leggings, and even add a tall boot to add some extra warmth depending on how much you feel you'll need.

2. Bring on the Accessories

When I say accessories here I don't necessarily mean jewelry though feel free to add jewelry into your outfit if you'd like.  I'm more talking about hats and scarfs.  There are some great options for both that won't muddy up your photo or add too much bulk to you.  The goal is to stay warm, but also to still be able to see you, not just a bundle of clothing.  Infinity scarves are a beautiful way to dress up, but also stay warm.  And they're not only for woman.  I've seen sizes for kids too.  

Think a stocking cap or a beanie doesn't belong in photos?  Think again!  As long as you're still color coordinating with your outfit, wear those beanies!  Women, have a lot of hair but still want to keep your hair warm?  Rock that volume and wear a "slouchy beanie".  

Another option is just a classic newscap.  (There are a couple different names for these style hats, so see photo below for example.)  If this classic look is something you'd like to try, do it!  I've seen women's versions and kids sizes as well.  These hats keep with the dressed up feel but still allow for your head to keep warmth in.


3. Outerwear/Coats Are Okay!

Still concerned about the cold?  It's ok to wear coats, or jackets, or even gloves!  The key is to keep everything color coordinated, not too bulky, and keep with the dressed up look.  Here's an example of a fitted coat that is a great look without being too bulky.

Vests and sweaters are also a great option and can sometimes be more easily coordinated with full outfits than coats.  Below are 3 different kinds that would all be good options for your session.  Note, if you use a bigger (more "poofy") vest, make sure that your other clothing is more fitted so we don't lose YOU in all the clothing.

Lastly, gloves.  Gloves are completely ok to wear in your session.  There may be some shots where your photographer may feel the shot would be better without gloves but as soon as that shot is taken, put them back on.  Which brings me to another point.  Communicate with your photographer.  If you need to take a break and go warm up in your car, that's totally acceptable.  I know I personally like to shoot fast with winter sessions so we make sure we get good shots quickly in case someone is not handling the cold well.  But if you can take some of the tips I've given and layer, use accessories, and even use outerwear, you should be able to stay warm enough to get great photos without showing the "cold" on your face.


I do want to touch on some "do-not's" while we're at it though as well.
1.  Don't wear big bulky coats.  These often tend to just hide the subject and don't look that great in photos.

2. Don't wear random baseball caps or ones with writing/symbols.  This really will dress down your photo and many times these caps will cast harsh shadows over your face or even hide your face.

3.  Be picky with your stocking caps/beanies.  While I said stocking caps or beanies are great, please pick one that will coordinate with your outfits.  Again, symbols or saying should be avoided. Only exception being would be if you are doing a themed session but even then, thing need to coordinate and flow or else your photos will look "off" or "scattered".

4. Don't wear bulk boots.  Boots are a great addition to those winter outfits but be choosy in what boots you wear.  You will want to wear a more dressy boot or even nice western boot, not big and bulky snow boots.  You would definitely not want to wear a boot that had symbols, characters or strange colors on them.


If you ever have any questions about what to wear or not wear for your photo session, just be sure to ask your photographer.  Part of their job is to help you in every way to be sure your photos are perfect.  And while a photographer can make sure every camera setting is right and their editing is on point, if the outfits don't flow or if you just show up in any old bulky coat and snow boot, it is really going to affect how your photos look.


All photos used as examples in this post were from Target.  I chose Target because they have great pieces at affordable prices and they always have sales going on.  I'm not suggesting you use Target, I am just using their pieces as examples.  Walmart, Kohls, JCP, and many other stores would also have these same styles.  **I am not being paid by Target to promote their products in any way.**


Check out my Pinterest board for more suggestions or for links on where to buy the items shown in this blog.


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