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**Unfortunately due to the unexpected passing of my husband, I will be taking the 2021 year off from offering birth services.**


Having a baby is one of the most life changing events in one's life.  Whether it be your first baby or your fifth.  Every family is beautifully unique, every delivery is different, and your story should be captured, remembered, and passed onto future generations.  By hiring Heather Sears, you can trust that your journey will be documented in beautiful, clear, quality images all while maintaining respect for the laboring individual and medical professionals.  As a mother to 4, photographing births for over 5 years, and being a trained birth doula, Heather understands birth, the sacred birth space, a parent's vision, connecting with clients, and the importance of capturing these precious moments.
*Heather Sears Photography is all inclusive and does not discriminate based on your religion or beliefs, race or ethnicity, or orientation.  Offering love and support to all is the #1 priority.

*If you are having a scheduled C-section, please get permission from your OB and anesthesiologist to make sure that they will allow me in the operating room.

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