$22/month (or save $24 by paying $240 at startup)



$20 in HBucks every month

First dibs on holiday minis

Free 5x7 print at 12 months

$2 in HBucks for every new referral booked

2% off any session booked

Includes over $20 in extras


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Terms & Conditions:

HBucks are similar to “swag bucks” and can be applied towards any session or used as print credit (Applies to Basic & Premium packages)

HBucks expire 1 year from payment (Applies to Basic & Premium packages)

Free print offer is only valid for 30 days of 12th months payment (Applies to Basic & Premium packages)

Only credit accrued by session dates may be applied towards sessions. No future credits may be redeemed. (Applies to Basic & Premium packages)

“New referrals” must be individuals/families that have never booked any session with Heather Sears Photography before. (Applies to Basic, Premium, and All-Inclusive packages)

Mini session may be used towards a regular mini session or any specialty mini session. (Applies to All-Inclusive Package).

Full session may be used towards any full session including family, maternity, cake smash, couples, milestone, Classic Boudoir package, newborn. (Applies to All-Inclusive Package)

All-Access Package is only available to clients of Heather Sears Photography that have previously booked 3 or more sessions with Heather Sears.

There is a $500 cancellation fee due should you cancel your All-Inclusive Package membership before the 12 month period is up if you have used any of the perks.

No refunds will be given on any membership package.

Perks, credits, and any other perks may not be redeemed for cash.

No perks, credits, perks, or memberships may be transferred to another individual.

Only the individual who subscribes to a membership may use those perks.

In the event of a separation or divorce that any package membership remains the responsibility of the individual who originally subscribed. By the same token, the benefits and perks of the membership belong to the individual who originally subscribed.

In the event of death of the subscribing member, the membership may be transferred to next of kin.

Even if no payment is due upon booking a specific session that a separate contract must be submitted for each session booked with Heather Sears Photography.

Funds will automatically be paid if a monthly payment option has been chosen for your desired membership package.

The member may choose what day of the month payment is taken if a monthly payment options has been chosen for your desired membership package.