Why should you hire a professional photographer when selling your home?

"These consumers are home buyers, and they want to shop online. Their trend is showing us that they recognize how useful technology is and therefore they are going to be better at noticing professional versus point-and-shoot photos. ...Using professional photos can draw more attention to your listings and result in more clicks by potential buyers. ... listings that utilized professional photos generated an average 139% increase in clicks compared to similar listings."  (source below)


Let me photograph your home to show the true beauty that it is.  Cost is $25 retainer and then $50 per 1,000 sqft in your home.  (Travel outside of Miami County, KS is additional.)  Contact me to book your home or your clients home.

Source: http://www.jsmdigital.com/8-reasons-professional-real-estate-photography-is-important-to-realtors/